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Dan Hollings's no secret, he's one of the internet's most sought after marketing consultants.

Bridging the Gap between Online, Offline & Mobile Marketing

Who is Internet Super Strategist, Dan Hollings?

An internet marketing consultant for people who want their business online and on-track, but need hands-on help piecing the internet jigsaw puzzle together.

Dan Hollings, an experienced entrepreneur, internet marketing consultant, trainer and web developer. Creator of the internet marketing strategy behind big name companys, well known trainers, movies and even little known ordinary folk.

Dan offers innovative solutions for almost any key piece of a solid internet marketing strategy PLUS he extends his strategy recommendations beyond the internet, optimizing the connections between online marketing, offline marketing and mobile marketing.

"It's no secret, Dan Hollings is one of the most sought after internet marketers around. An internet strategist to celebrities, talk show hosts, NY Times best selling authors, noted teachers, world renowned entrepreneurs and smash hit movies"

How do I get Dan to consider my project?
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Dan Hollings Marketing Consultant
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Areas of expertise:
  • Blogs, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Social Media
  • Book Marketing Strategies
  • Connecting online, offline and mobile marketing
  • Contact/Lead Management List Building
  • Content marketing
  • Copywriting
  • eBook, iPad, Kindle publication & distribution
  • Email Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Mobile Web Site marketing
  • Multivariate and Split Testing
  • Pay-per-click search engine strategies
  • Programming, Web Development & Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • SMS Text Message marketing
  • Systems and web application development
  • Video Creation
  • Viral Marketing / Word of Mouth
  • Zero Cost Marketing Strategies

Marketing Consultant Rates
Call for consultant rates. Any funded consultant project welcomed

photo of Dan Hollings
Web Services LLC
6890 E Sunrise Drive, PMB 135 - Ste 120
Tucson , AZ , 85750 USA

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